4 Responses to “40 Things You May Not Know (Or Care To Know) About Me – But Think You Should.”


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  1. Karolyn

    Not only are you kick-ass, now I see that you are “bad-ass” as well!! Awesome reveal bro! Knuckle bumps!

  2. Jared Matthew Kessler

    LOL! You’re the best Karolyn. Thanks.

    I’m just glad Bailey isn’t still mad at me. :)

  3. Jared….there is nothing more inspiring or endearing than a guy who has nothing to hide.
    You have just helped me find the courage to peel back another layer. Brilliant!

  4. Jared Matthew Kessler

    Thanks so much Tricia (it means a lot).

    And you know, besides using this to help others to get to know more of who I really am…

    One of the reason it’s done is to allow me to work with those people I TRULY love (because it attracts others who like me for me – which is what I like to illustrate to other businesses). It’s also used to deter those people I wouldn’t want to work with (who wouldn’t like something like this).

    In short, I’m SUPER glad it’s helping you find the courage to peel back another layer. There’s a few, huh?

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